Sanyo 610-303-5826 Projector Lamp

SKU SAN-610-303-5826

We have two types of lamps for projectors: "Factory Original (OEM)" and "Diamond Lamps" premium aftermarket bulbs. Here are the differences:

The Factory Original (OEM) is the lamp supplied by the original projector manufacturer, identical to the one installed in the projector when it was brand new. It gives the best performance in terms of brightness, life, etc. but tends to be the most expensive offering and often has the shortest warranty (typically 3 months).

The Diamond Lamp combines the identical bulb installed in the Original Manufacturer's (OEM) lamp with a new cage. The exacting standards put into component selection and manufacture means a Diamond Lamp will deliver identical performance to the OEM lamp but at a noticeably lower price, supported by an extended 12-month warranty.

Don't be fooled: the Diamond Lamp is not a cheap aftermarket product, and will be brighter and last longer than low-dollar alternatives found at the big online stores. ProjectorZone proudly stands behind these high-quality bulbs!

(note, if you don't see a drop-down to select the lamp version, the lamp is a Factory Original (OEM), and no Diamond Lamp is available for your particular projector)

Below are all the compatible projectors for this lamp:

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-SE15 Projector

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-SL15 Projector

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-SU25 Projector

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-SU40 Projector

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-XU36 Projector

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-XU40 Projector

Original Lamp For SANYO PLC-SU41 Projector

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